Australia day celebrations

Australia Day CelebrationsPerhaps like me you find the Christmas aftermath a bit depressing. The time flies by and it is all over once again. However, it is exactly this time of the year that most people start planning their next holidays, for example an Easter break or summer vacation.

They do this without bearing in mind that January is actually a very cheap time of the year to travel by air. In fact, the January to March period is traditionally the quietest of the year for most airlines….which means that you have more of a chance of finding last minute flights. At least this is what I discovered and so I booked flights to Sydney for two weeks in January.

My flights worked out cheap, but I didn’t take into account that January and February are actually the high season in Sydney – the summer holidays and so for this reason accommodation was quite expensive, but I like my comforts and I am sure you could find somewhere cheaper. If you just want to escape and don’t need any sunshine, perhaps Europe is a cheaper option as it is the low season from January to March.

What I didn’t realise was that I had planned my holidays over Australia Day, which is an annual event held on the 26 January every year. It celebrates Australia, both its past and future. For any tourist it is a great occasion to be Australian for the day. You can enjoy open-air concerts, celebrations in Hyde Park and lots of other events. I managed to find out about the events at the hotel I was staying at. However, you can check out the official website for a list of all the events. Most families get together on this day to enjoy a BBQ in the sizzling sun or to watch the parades. . Discos and parties on Samui .