Top 4 things to do in australia

Perhaps the country that should be included in your bucket list is Australia. Why? It simply is spectacular! This country is like a world of its own where spectacular beaches abound, improved city living, tropical rainforests surround and many more. There is nothing like compared to Australia!

Top 4 Things To Do in Australia

Listed below are the top 4 things to do in Australia. However, with Australia as your next travel destination, there are actually a lot of things you can do!

1.     Never ever miss exploring the seas of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the single most abundant reef in the world. This World Wonder is located in Queensland, Australia and is made up of more than 2,900 reefs. You can actually learn your scuba lessons here in Queensland and earn your PADI certification.

Just south of Adelaide is the Kangaroo Island. You’ll definitely love its pristine green-covered paradise that stretches to about 150 kilometers. A good place for an outback life is the King Island north of Tasmania. You’ll definitely love the wrecks found under its waters.

 2.     Go extreme. Australia is a country of extremes. Extreme beauties, extreme wonders, and extreme sports! Head over to Mission Beach and get yourself some daring actions in your entire life. Skydiving in Mission Beach offers you one of the best scenic places. The beach stretches to over 22 miles of virgin forests and beaches. Its shores are great spots to land.

 There are actually a lot of companies that offer skydiving experiences. You may opt to go skydiving alone or share the extreme feeling of adrenaline rush with your partner. Regardless of what option you’ll take the mere thought of jumping off from thousands feet high is already exhilarating!

 3.     Pack up for some outback road trip. Travel the west side of the country with a 4WD and then head over to the north passing through the Gibb River Road. One of the greatest outback highways’ in the country is the drive from Derby to Kununurra. Driving this 660 kilometer Western Australia trip lets you experience passing through perennial views of red dirty, rugged terrains under a clear blue sky. Stopping over lets you see beautiful gorges, amazing riverbeds, majestic waterfalls that are perfect for some rest. However, driving the road may be at times inhospitable and impossible to pass during the rainy season, therefore if you wish to take on this adventure, make sure to book ahead of time.

 4.     Staying in Australia wouldn’t be complete without visiting or perhaps staying in its big cities – Sydney and Melbourne. Both cities are the country’s most popular and are uniquely different. If you are the artistic and culture seeking type of person, you’ll definitely love the City of Melbourne. Sydney on the other hand is daring, beautiful and filled with world-class sights and sceneries, which include the Opera (Oprah) House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and of course the perfect beaches great for tanning and surfing.

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