The best italian restaurant in santiago

The Best Italian Restaurant in SantiagoI love Italian food. I booked flights with Alitalia to Venice once and stayed with a friend who lives there so she took me to all the best restaurants which most tourists don’t know about. I hadn’t tried pizza and pasta like in Italy until I went to Trattoria e Pizzeria “Golfo di Napoli” while I was staying in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

I know that going to South America is all about trying the traditional food of each country. However, if you get fed up with Chilean empanadas and churrascos, take note of Trattoria e Pizzeria “Golfo di Napoli” which is located on Avenida Irarrazaval 2423 in Nunoa neighbourhood and the owner is 100% Italian.

It was actually a gringo friend who introduced me to this restaurant. We had arranged to meet there for lunch. The restaurant could easily be missed as the entrance is rather inconspicuous, as is the car park. Keep your eyes pealed or check out google maps before going! There is a narrow corridor which leads to the restaurant and the walls are covered in photographs of Chilean celebrities, soap stars, singers and actors. That proves it is good! There is usually a queue to get a seat, but you should only have to wait 15 minutes. Make sure you go to the front desk and put your name on the waiting list. You will be called when your table is ready. They don’t normally take reservations at the weekend.

The menu is good and surprising very cheap. I almost always order a pizza….if you are a big eater, you should be able to eat a pizza alone. Leftovers can be wrapped up for you to take home if you like. I have tried the pasta dishes on the lunch menu and the portions are huge….also highly recommended. If you are planning last minute travel to Santiago, this is a great restaurant to try. And afterwards, head over to Valparaiso for another great city in Chile.