Booking online and saving the enivronment

Booking Online and Saving the EnivronmentWhen you are looking to book a holiday, it is unlikely that you will think about how green your booking decision is, but it is definitely something that should be taken into consideration. By ‘green’ we are of course talking about the impact on the environment.

When looking to book a holiday, you will probably find that you are faced with two main decisions. The first is to go into a travel agents, pick up a stack of brochures half the size of a person, read through them and go back with just the one and book with the travel agents directly or over the phone, or miss out the shops and brochures altogether and go onto the Internet and make travel easy for you.

The Internet holds many advantages over the high street travel agents, the main one being convenience. You can go online to look at holidays at any time of the day, whether it is in that 20 minutes before work starts in the morning, half an hour at your desk at lunchtime or even at home on your laptop in front of the television at night.

There are no time constraints to going online, while the travel agents are usually massively busy at times when people can ACTUALLY go i.e. lunch hours or at the weekend. There is the telephone but you couldn’t really see the pictures or all the details of the holidays so you will probably be sent a brochure anyway.

There are websites on the Internet that make shopping for holiday deals much easier, these websites are known as price comparison websites. Icelolly, Travel Supermarket and Deal Checker are examples of some of the best known price comparison sites to look for cheap holiday deals, and they essentially search through lots of different tour operators so that you don’t have to. The results are then displayed on the one page from which you can book, meaning that you don’t even need a lot of time to do this.

The contrast with the high street is that you probably have to take two trips, with brochure reading in between, and this is where the green side of things comes in. The piles and piles of brochures are definitely not green, and the amount of unnecessary paper used can’t be good for the environment. In the days of the Internet, Smartphones, tablets and computers, there is really no need for such a large amount of paper to be wasted. So not only will it save you time and effort to book online, it will do a little bit towards saving the environment too!

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