The great sphinx

The Great SphinxI pride myself on having traveled all over this great planet of all and I have seen a great many things – from the wonders of Africa and the Orient to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and South America I have seen it all.

Throughout all my journeys, however, I have encountered a more amazing sight than the wonders of ancient Egypt. Most spectacular of all and sitting in the shadow of these great pyramids can be found my favorite wonder of ancient Egypt: the great sphinx at Giza.

The Great Sphinx of Giza is popularly known and features the body of a lion and the head of an Egyptian Pharaoh and, at 65 feet high by 20 feet wide and 241 feet long, it is by far the most impressive standing monolith structure in the world. Older than the great pyramids, it’s believed the Great Sphinx was built in the third millennia BC by the ancient Egyptians. However, several other potential theories of origin abound.

Long a source of controversy and intrigue, there are many theories out there as to the true origins of the Sphinx. While some scholars and scientists date it to the time of the builders of the pyramids at Giza or at least their immediate predecessors, some archeologists hypothesize that this structure was in fact built hundreds if not thousands of years earlier. According to some studies based on the erosion caused by rainwater and other hostile elements, it would not be physically possible for the Great Sphinx to have built at the same time as pyramids. These studies, however, have been widely criticized, although there is evidence to support both positions.

Regardless of whether you follow one theory or the other, the Great Sphinx is an absolutely breathtaking example of humanity’s long standing creativity and ability to sculpt their surroundings.

As one of the more awe inspiring instances of human ingenuity the Great Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza are more than just great wonders of Egypt – they are truly wonders of the world and no trip to this ancient land of Pharaohs, curses, and buried treasure would be complete without a tour of these amazing sites. Take it from someone who has both seen the pyramids as well as many of the other great wonders of the world, the ancient structures of Egypt’s Giza area might just be the most amazing place of them all.